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Love and happiness, peace and joy, the ones we love, and above all else, Jesus, The Blessed Mother, and The Eternal Father, all gathered in one place where we will all be together for eternity. This is what Heaven offers us. It takes away all our fears, anxieties, troubles, and the hurt we can experience while here on Earth. 

Heaven is our destiny. It's the place of our repose. It's the reward for living our lives in the service of our loving Lord. It's the promise of true happiness forever. It's being with the ones we love here on earth, throughout all time. It's being in the presence of pure love, not the love we muster up here on earth, but true love that we have yet to experience. It's the essence of the perfection we wish we could have in our present lives.


 But do we know what it is to serve our Lord? Do we have a true understanding of what's required of us? There's a bit more involved when it comes to the salvation of our souls. There's a nemesis out there who's going to do everything to thwart our efforts. Knowing and understanding this, could be the difference between salvation and damnation.  

We've all heard the horror stories of Hell and certainly nobody wants to end up there. With something as big as the difference between Heaven and Hell, we need to be certain that what we're doing, while here on Earth, will be sufficient in the eyes of God to render us a judgement of salvation when we meet Jesus face to face at the moment of our death.

Knowing the little ins and outs of making our way through this life, could be the key to the eternal salvation of your soul. Within the pages of this site, we'll take a look at the various ways to shape and sculpt ourselves into instruments of God's love. We'll learn from the words of Jesus Himself, how to put these teachings into use in our lives. To make our lives so praiseworthy, that when death comes to whisk us away and brings us before the just face of God, He'll be overwhelmed with love and gratitude, that you fought so valiantly through the various temptations and trials of this life, that have deceived so many, and secured your spot in paradise forever. 


We're up against a powerful enemy. We know about the devil and his cunning ways. We know how he's taken the world and turned it away from God. How he's thrown chaos into our lives, our children's schools, the entertainment industry, even into our churches. If we're not armed with the spiritual weapons, that are powerful enough to fight this beast, we could slowly allow our souls to slip away from it's true destiny, Heaven.


Join us as we embark on a spiritual journey of insight and understanding. Here you'll join a community of others, just like yourself, who are fighting for the salvation of their souls. They recognize that they can't do it alone, and neither can you. We need to stock pile our arsenal of spiritual weapons and use them everyday. We're in the fight of our eternal lives. Your personal enemy , the devil, will never leave you at peace for a moment. He knows if he keeps you occupied with everything accept the love and service of God, that he has the opportunity to steal your soul from you. 


We can't let our guard down for a single moment. This site will provide the necessary tools you'll need to mold yourself into a saint. Take a look through the pages. They're filled with teachings, wisdom, understandings and the necessary efforts that are required of us. Join the community and discuss different ideas. Be a part of the army that's battling to be, Forever in Heaven. 

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"And you shall be hated by all men for my name's sake: but he that shall persevere unto the end, he shall be saved"   Matthew 10:22

You dream of Heaven. Your heart longs  for it. The yearning for the love and peace that only Jesus and Heaven can offer, fills you with overwhelming desire. What is Heaven likeWhen will I get there? How will I get there? You worry for yourself and your loved ones. Are we living a life that's pleasing to God? Those answers and many others lie right here. Come, take a journey with Jesus                into His perfect world of   


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Like anything else in life, we have to learn. Going through our lives without any understandings of the hidden obstacles that can cripple our efforts to save our souls can be a fatal ignorance. 

Our Lord Jesus, consciously submitted His very self for our sakes. This was a gift to each and everyone of us. A gift that not only needs to be acknowledged, but given thanks for. We've all heard that before, to give thanks to God, but do we? 


We're going to take a journey. An adventure that goes back two thousand years. It's full of excitement, drama, love, betrayal and wonderous miracles that will leave us in the awe of greatness. 


We've all sat in church and listened to the scripture readings, gospels and sermons. Some we find fascinating, while some just pass us by. It's easy to find ourselves straying away from that tiny path that leads to our salvation. The world is a tricky place, and if we're not careful, we can find ourselves sinking deep into the pit of sin.


Our nemesis, the devil and his band of troublesome demons are always hard at work. These days, more than ever, they're working nonstop to throw chaos and confusion into our minds. The world, who our Lord has told us is under the control of Satan, has turned its back on God and has done everything to get you to accept it. Each day presents a new opportunity to compromise, to convince ourselves that a particular change in the way we think or live our lives will be okay in the eyes of God. We have to be very careful. The teachings of salvation are fading fast.


As we take our journey back in time, to the early teachings of the church, you'll find various ways to let Jesus into your heart. Ways that can lift you to a spirituality you may not have known existed. Jesus is always there waiting for you to open yourself to Him.


 As the saying goes, "no pain, no gain." This isn't an easy journey I'm suggesting. It requires discipline, sacrifice and loyalty. But most of all, it requires love. Love is everything. Love is what allowed Jesus to walk willingly into certain death. Not just death, but a death of suffering we can barely comprehend. 


There is a price to be paid to earn our salvation. The road can be rough and dangerous at times. It can bring you to places that you don't really want to go. But just as Jesus walked the road to Calvary, we too, must walk our own road. 


We're going to experience the wisdom of the Saints. We'll contemplate and put into use the teachings Jesus has left us. We're going to experience the sufferings of His beloved mother and learn how we can comfort her. There's so much to explore. We'll learn ways to improve ourselves and become more acceptable to God. We have to prove ourselves to God. Jesus proved His love for us by dying on the cross, what are we doing to prove our love for Him?


There's work to be done and we can do it together. It doesn't happen overnight, but through patience and humility we can achieve it. Our biggest obstacle is ourselves. We have our own opinions and ways of thinking. Remember, Gods' ways are not our ways. We must be open to His way of thinking.


Jesus gave us the Catholic faith. It's a blue print on how to get to Heaven. All we have to do is construct the bridge Jesus designed for us. It may not always make sense, but that's where our faith comes in. Trust in Him and the teachings that He Himself has left us. Listen to the wisdom of the great Saints. Jesus has blessed them with mysterious understandings that we haven't been given access to yet. 

Your journey to Heaven starts right here. Don't take your salvation for granted. I promise, as we journey through these teachings, you're going to discover things that simply aren't taught anymore. They are however, essential to the eternal salvation of your soul. 


You're here! Take the time now to look through this site. Jesus led you here for a reason. He wants you to possess the necessary skills to navigate this life. You will learn them here. You will understand how to use them. You'll become a true servant of God by doing His will, and all the while, you'll be raising your place in Heaven. There are many mansions in the heavenly kingdom. Secure yours now!                   

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