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Hi, I'm Jay McCurtten. Thanks so much for coming by and checking out my blog. Just like you, I'm always looking for new information, thoughts, understanding and inspirations that will help me achieve my spiritual goals. That sounds pretty professional right? Believe me I'm not that prudent. But I am always looking for more knowledge and awareness when it comes to my spiritual life.

Years back, I befriended a Benedictine monk who became my spiritual advisor. He's someone who's dedicated his life to the pursuit of spiritual studies and perfecting a personal relationship with God. We wrote a book together a couple of years ago. it's called "Good People Go To Hell, Bad People Go To Heaven."  If you find the content in this blog interesting, you might want to check out the book. Although I must warn you, we've been harshly criticized for being too strict. 

I spend a good deal of time reading and trying to understand the spiritual side of my faith. I devote plenty of time to the study of doctrine, but there's no substitute for having a clear understanding of the spiritual aspects of God. While not everyone will agree with the material I present, it doesn't come from my own opinion, it's all based on church history and teachings.


I've often been accused of being an "old timer" when it comes to living the spiritual life. These days, things seem to have taken a pretty liberal turn when it comes to the spiritual life. I stick to the traditional teachings and yes I do actually try to practice them. I figure you can't go wrong studying and trying to do all of the things Jesus commanded us to do. To try and imitate the people who knew Jesus and hung out with Him. To follow the teachings of those who've been granted the gifts of performing miracles, bearing the stigmata, having visions and other favors from God. So forgive me if I come across a bit stringent in the things I post. We're dealing with the eternal salvation of our souls here. You just can't be too careful!

Again, thanks for stopping by. I can't imagine you're very interested in me personally, but I was told "if you're going to have a blog, you have to put something about yourself in there." So here it is. 

Please feel free to leave me a message, I will respond. I love hearing your thoughts about the site, or anything that I've written. Whether it's positive or negative, I welcome criticism. It's a great way to learn and improve on what you're trying to accomplish. 

If anything in this blog has interested you, please come back. I'll be adding posts and other content as often as I can. Tell a friend about it if you're inspired too. We all need to help each as much as we can while other on this challenging journey. 

Thanks again and God bless.



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