Catholic Blog

There is a difference between a Christian blog and a Catholic blog. Of course I'm sure you know that but in case there are some curiosities I thought I would address it. Most Christian religions stem from the protestant reformation introduced by Martin Luther in 1517. From that time, many different religions have begun based on different interpretations and understandings of the teachings of Christ. So, when your talking about anything other than the Catholic Church and its beliefs, it falls under the blanket of Christianity. You'll find many Christian blogs on the internet that disagree with much of the Catholic faith.


A Catholic blog would only advise about the teachings that Christ and the apostles have left us. The Catholic faith does not allow personal interpretations and ideas into its teachings. It follows what has been left to us without alteration. While the message of many of the Christian denominations may be heart felt, they are at risk of error due to the fact that they allow the thoughts, ideas and interpretations of an individual, usually the one who formed the religion, to be taught and believed.


Please be certain that you understand all of this before you find yourself being swayed by a particular belief that may not be a true teaching of our Lord.