Another Christian Blog

As you know, there's no shortage of Christian blogs on the internet. That's a good thing though. Think of an army of different people with the same goal in mind, drawing people to Christ. 

Yes there's many different points of view and certainly there are different opinions, but just the mere fact that in this chaotic world, there's still people who long for a relationship with Jesus. That's becoming harder and harder to come by these days and we need as people as we can get to step up and try to spread the word. 


At Forever in Heaven, my goal is to offer spiritual thought and guidance while on your pilgrimage to Heaven. This Christian blog documents the wisdom I have found through my conversations with other Catholics, especially my spiritual advisor and priest of many years. 

So let me give a big thanks to everyone on the internet who's trying to bring Christ back into our world through various Christian blogs. Keep it up! We will prevail!!