Lord, I Am So...

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Forgive me for I am so,

Attached to the flesh and the world,

So unmortified in my passions,

So full of unsuppressed evil desires,

So unguarded in my outward senses,

So often engaged in useless imaginings,

So readily drawn to things outside,

So neglectful of those within,

So easily moved to laughter and flirting,

So slow to weep and repent,

So inclined to relaxation and bodily comforts,

So slothful in austerity and fervor of spirit,

So eager for news and to see nice things,

So reluctant to welcome humiliation and contempt,

So craving for passions,

So selfish in giving and so obstinate in retaining,

So thoughtless in speech,

So undisciplined in silence,

So unmannerly in habit,

So inconsiderate in action,

So greedy for food,

So deaf to the word of God,

So quick to rest,

So slow to work,

So alert to gossip,

So drowsy at holy vigils,

So hasty to reach the end,

So wandering in attention,

So careless in prayer,

So lukewarm at Mass,

So lacking in fervor at Communion,

So soon distracted,

So seldom wholly recollected,

So suddenly moved to anger,

So ready to take offense at others,

So prone to judge,

So severe to rebuke,

So happy in prosperity,

So mournful at adversity,

So often proposing good resolutions, and so rarely fulfilling them.

Taken from the Imitation of Christ.

Peace, good and blessings.

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