All Rise!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Have you ever considered what your judgement will be like? Some people seem to think that they're going to die and be whisked right up to Heaven. This is not what happens. There is a judgement and there isn't anyone who can escape it. When you die, wherever you are, you will be judged at that spot. Now, imagine you're doing something offensive to God and you drop dead! Consider appearing before God for your judgment, and the last thing you were doing with your earthly life, was not loving and serving God in some way, but committing sin. That thought should fill you with dread.

The judgement. We know from many of the mystics and visionaries who have been granted insight into the next life by God, that our judgement will be very much like a trial that we have here in our earthly courtrooms. There is a prosecutor, a defender and a judge. The defender is your guardian angel who will present all of the good things you have done throughout your life. The prosecutor is Satan who will not only present all of the bad and evil things you've done in your life, but will exaggerate them to the best of his abilities. Finally the judge, God Himself, who will consider both sides and render a judgement on your soul, Heaven or Hell.

Here's the important part. Throughout your life, from the age of reason which the church tells us is about seven, you have the opportunity to obtain from God His forgiveness and mercy. While you're alive you can confess your sins and repent of them. If you're truly sorry for the sins you've committed, God will be merciful and grant you forgiveness every time without exception. Here on earth, your tears are acceptable and your sorrows are pleasing to Him because He will see that your sorry that you've offended Him. However, when death comes, those privileges will be over. When we are judged, we are judged without mercy. Let me repeat that, we will be judged without mercy.

After we die , we won't be allowed to try and make up for the offenses that we've committed. That's not how it works. Your judgment will be presented on its merits. So if the bad, which is unconfessed and unrepentant sins, outweighs the good, well, only God can say what happens next.

You have the opportunity now to make up for all of the offenses you've committed against our Lord. If you think you haven't offended God very much, then you don't understand sin very well and that's an extremely dangerous way to enter your judgement. Do a thorough self examination now and try to understand your sins. Don't put it off until tomorrow. Remember, you may not have a tomorrow.

Peace, good and blessings.

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