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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

If there's one road that leads to Heaven, you can be certain that it's the road of humility. Humility is by far the most important virtue we can possess. Without it, it is as impossible to enter Heaven as it would be to enter Heaven without baptism. Humility if the counteraction of pride, and since most sin originates from pride, you can see how necessary it is to practice humility.

There is example after example of how important humility is in Jesus' teachings. The parable of the Pharisee and the publican praying in the temple, where the publican and his humility were far more pleasing to God than the Pharisee and his righteousness. When Jesus was asked by the apostles, "who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven?" His response of "unless you be converted , and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of Heaven."

How is it, that Jesus Himself tells us exactly what we have to do to enter Heaven, yet we do the exact opposite? Think of a child, who thinks so little of himself because he is completely subject to the adults in his life. You can scold a child, punish a child, order a child to do your will without any opposition whatsoever. This is complete humility! But when it comes to us, ohhhh noooo, you're not going to tell me what to do, you're not going to dictate how things are going to go. You'd better believe that we're going to make every effort to see that our will is carried out to the fullest. Wouldn't this be the exact opposite of humility?

Your daily life is full of opportunities to be humble. If you pay attention, you'll find moment after moment where you can humble yourself to someone else's will. It starts while driving to work, and that rude jerk who thinks the whole world revolves around him. The one who is more interested in his phone than driving. Of course a minute later he'll be inching his way in front of you without even a thought of giving you a "hey thanks" wave. But your not going to let him in are you? Why not? Yes he's an ass, but he's also offered you the opportunity to practice humility, which if you do, will be incredibly pleasing to God. Not only should you let him in and not be angry, but you should be full of joy, thank him and offer a prayer for him too.

Unfortunately, we misunderstand these occurrences that happen in our day to day lives. We see them as irritations and occasions to become angry and impatient. If we could only recognize them for what they truly are, stepping stones to the path that leads to Heaven. Humility will also allow you to get to know yourself better. It'll help curb those vices that keep us from drawing closer to God. Vices such as; feeling pleasure when others praise us for things we've done, readily arguing with others instead of conceding, even when we're right, excusing ourselves when we've done something wrong. These are just a few of the many sins we fall into when pride wins over humility.

Didn't Christ have perfect humility when accused by the Pharisees? He was so humble that He allowed them to put Him to death! Yet we need to be put on a pedestal with every little thing that we do. We need to be right and furthermore, we need to let everybody know that we're right. Nobody can have the upper hand on us. We're the big shots.

Humility has become all but lost in our world today. However, you can be absolutely certain, that if you don't recognize humility and put it into practice in your life, you will not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Don't be so foolish as to think that these words of Jesus are not true. Don't treat it as just another saying. Jesus didn't say things just to say them. He didn't say them and not mean them. When He said "without humility you WILL NOT ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN," He meant it!! Put your pride away. Whatever happens just go with it. If you're in the right, if you're accused and completely innocent, even if it means looking like a fool or the worst person walking the earth, have humility. If your reputation is destroyed and everybody hates you, don't give it any more thought than you would a blade of grass. God knows the truth, and the humility you're offering for His sake will not go unnoticed. Take comfort in knowing that your humility will be rewarded with a judgement of salvation. Remember, the proud will be humbled and the humble will be exalted.

Peace, good and blessings.

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