Challenge! Part 1

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I do have a challenge I would like to present to you. It's important because we have to make sure we're doing everything possible to secure our salvation. There's an awful lot of people who think that if you believe in Jesus and stay out of trouble, you'll be guaranteed of Heaven. I'm not sure when this thinking become our way of life, but it isn't what the church has ever taught. Although today the conditions of salvation seem to have been loosened quite a bit. But that's not God relaxing His requirements, it's the world relaxing it's teachings. You can't be swayed by the world when it comes to the eternal salvation of your soul.

Many of us either attended a Catholic school or Catechism classes during our youth. This was an important way to learn the foundations of our faith. To have a basic understanding of what the church teaches, to know what sin is and how we should live our lives in service to God. Many of you may even remember reading The Baltimore Catechism as the preferred study tool. They're great books, but unfortunately, the church doesn't use these invaluable books to teach our children anymore. They're still available though. I bought some on Ebay and my daughter uses them to study the faith.

Now I'm want to take you back to Catholicism 101. I want to ask you a question that you should be able to answer, after all, this particular teaching is about 3500 years old and is supposed to be the foundation of our Catholic lives. I do want to ask you for honesty. Cheating on this is only going to hurt your personal spiritual life and the way you serve God. So let's all do this exercise within the "honor system."

Again, this really is the foundation of our Catholic lives. If we're not conscience of these things, then we may not be living our lives in a way that's pleasing to God. He was very specific with these teachings and if they aren't followed and put in to use in our lives, we may be compromising our service to God.

Here it is. Grab a piece of paper or open a blank document so you can write your answers down. Remember, no Googling or other form of help. This should come from your own knowledge. Name The Ten Commandments. Listing them in order would be preferable, but for starting out, just try to name them. Good luck!

Peace, good and blessings.

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