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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

One of the most amazing statements that I've ever heard in my life is this, "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist." Remember that from The Usual Suspects? Great movie, and you couldn't find a statement that has more truth to it than that if you tried.

The devil has masterfully disguised himself as a folk tale. He's become something from the past that was suppose to scare people into living good and moral lives. If you ask most Christians today if they believe that the devil exists and effects every part of their daily lives, you'll more than likely hear the same answer, no. Well I have news for you my friend, the devil is real, and he's sitting right next to you as you read this.

The devil is perfectly content with you thinking that he doesn't exist. As a matter of fact, he prefers it! He knows that if you believe he doesn't exist, or that he's simply not relevant in the world today, you won't be as mindful of the sins that we so easily commit. He knows that without your fear of him or Hell, you'll make minimal efforts to avoid offending our Lord. Of course, by now, we all know that sin is what sends us to Hell. Don't get it into your head that Hell is only for the murderers, drug dealers and all around bad people of the world. Hell is for anyone who falls into mortal sin and doesn't know or care enough to confess, repent and make reparation for these sins.

Surely you can see how society has changed over the years? You're certainly aware of the dreadful state of the faith today. Simply look at how few people live a life that centers around God. Living a life for God was a very normal thing up until these recent decades. Do you really believe the devil has nothing to do with that? You've heard how the devil prowls about like a lion, looking to devour souls. That's exactly what's happening. Consider Our Blessed Mother's words at Fatima, "souls are falling daily into Hell like snowflakes." Are all of these people horrible criminals? No, they're average people who have unfortunately fallen under Satan's spell, which is living a life for the world instead of for God.

The problem is, people believe that as long as they're not committing crimes or hurting somebody, they're not doing anything wrong. Well you're not, as far as the world goes. But if you understand the teachings of Christ, you'd know that Jesus told us in no uncertain terms, that we are to live our lives rejecting the world and everything in it. Remember, God has a very different set of requirements to earn salvation. The devil knows this and that's why he's used his extreme patience to slowly remove himself from the forefront of society.

Refer to the teachings Christ has left us. He spoke over and over of Satan being absolutely real and how he's very much a part of our society. He exists!! Jesus warned us, "Satan is the prince of this world!!" He entices us to make morally corrupt decisions. Even if those things may not seem wrong in your eyes, consider how God views your actions. Remember, you will answer for every single thing you've done throughout your entire life at your judgement. Always be mindful of the devil, his presence, his influence and his desire to destroy your soul. Don't allow him to be your master. With faith and perseverance, you will conquer him and your reward will be Heaven.

Peace, good and blessings.

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