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For the purposes of this post, I'm speaking as a parent. We have a responsibility as parents to teach and prepare our children for the future. We show them love, teach them right from wrong and try to prepare them for what lies ahead. We work hard at our jobs so we can provide a good home and hopefully afford to send them to a good school where they'll get a great education, which in turn will lead to a fulfilling and successful career. In the midst of all that, surely they'll meet someone who treats them well. Then they'll go on to have their own family, give us grandchildren and we'll all live happily ever after. Or so the fairy tale version goes.

But is that all we're commissioned to do? Certainly not! We are obligated to teach our children our faith. Many of us will send our children to a Catholic school or to Catechism classes so they can go through the steps of the church, receive The Sacraments and move on with their lives. But just as we get involved with with their academics in school and try to help them when they're struggling, we should be even more involved in their spiritual studies.

As our children go through school, they come to us for help with the things they don't quite understand. "Can you help me with this Social Studies problem or this Math equation?" Of course we help them to the best of our abilities, at least up until they changed math! What's that about? But we make it a point to be involved in their education. But how often do you get involved in their religious education? The church tells us that we are obliged to teach our children the faith, and should we fall short of that, we will answer for it and be held accountable at our Particular Judgement.

Our children are involved in so many activities these days. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Gymnastics, Karate, Dance, Ice Skating and so on. Between school and their extra circular activities, they barely have time for anything else. We put the utmost importance on getting them to every practice and game on time, but did you pray as a family today? I hope you're not suggesting that sports are more important than prayer.

Children live by our example. If we're not putting an importance on serving God by teaching them the faith, taking time to pray, doing charitable acts and getting involved in our parishes, how can we expect them to grow up and teach their children the importance of serving God above all things?

We are responsible for the spiritual well being of our children. If we treat it as unimportant, they'll live it as unimportant. How will you ever be able to explain that when you find yourself face to face with The Judgement Seat of God?

Peace, good and blessings.

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