How did He do it?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Yes I know, we're supposed to follow and imitate Christ, but you have to admit this is easier said than done. Why is it that we can't seem to remember that when troubling circumstances present themselves? It's like everything we read and try to put into practice in our lives, falls to the wayside when troubles arise. We seem to handle our problems in complete contradiction to the teachings of Christ. What's wrong with us?

Patience, humility, forgiveness, love and charity are just a few of the distinguishing traits of our Lord, but how often do we react to either a person or a situation with those traits? Looking around at the world and the state it's in today, I would have to say that patience, humility, forgiveness, love and charity simply don't exist much anymore.

We seem to react so quickly with anger at the smallest things. Somebody simply isn't paying attention to the traffic light turning green and we practically wish for that persons death! Might I add, that when it's us that isn't paying attention to the light turning green and we get the horn from somebody, we usually tell them to go to Hell!

We all know the story of our Lord's passion and what He went through. But have you ever really thought about what Jesus endured? Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" gives an excellent depiction of what He went through. Here's a homework assignment, watch The Passion, but put yourself in Jesus' place. Try to picture people accusing you of things you haven't done. To spit in your face, beat your repeatedly and of course, put you to death. We can barely handle when one wrong word is said about us. If someone corrects us, even if they're right, we get ticked off.

How did Jesus stand there and accept the false accusations, the insults, the thousands of blows to His body? He stood there and took it and didn't say one word! Now, if we're supposed to imitate Christ and follow Him, how can we justify the impatience, pride, meanness and greed we seem to be living by? Can we truly say that we're followers of Christ?

God has granted us length of days. It would be an insult to Jesus if we didn't make every effort to correct our imperfect ways. We need to try and adapt the virtues Jesus lived by. Remember, we will die one day. Since we know not the day nor the hour, we'd better make very good use of our time while here on earth. Nobody wants to go before God in judgement and have to answer for not even trying to imitate Christ.

Peace, good and blessings.

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