I see you!!

If you weren't aware of it, God can see your heart and mind. He knows well the intentions behind everything you say and do. You've probably heard the statement, "God is always with you," but have you ever really considered what that means? It means that He's always there, especially in times of trouble, but it also means that no matter what you think, say or do, God is fully aware of it. So, the question would have to be asked, why would we do the sinful things we do, knowing that God is a witness to it? Are we under some impractical delusion that maybe we're getting away with something? That perhaps we've slipped one by God? No way! You can be assured that we will have to answer for every minute detail of our lives at our Particular Judgement.

This nonchalant attitude towards sin is how many people live their lives these days. When did it become okay to do whatever we want and completely ignore God's laws? Society has decided that we are allowed to do whatever we want and it will be perfectly fine. unfortunately it's not! Just because people have decided to remove God from life, doesn't mean He's gone.

I'll use this example because it affects many people. Sex! God has made it painfully clear that sex outside of wedlock is a serious mortal sin. Now, whether you agree with that or not is completely irrelevant. We're not obliged to agree with God's laws, but we are obliged to obey God's laws. The sins of the flesh have damned, and continue to damn, more souls that any other sin committed. Don't think for a second that I don't get it. The pleasures of the flesh are wonderful. I'm not dead, I just understand what can damn my soul. But for those who choose to participate in these pleasures outside of matrimony, your soul is in serious peril.

Intellectually, we all know that we can die at any given moment, but realistically that doesn't really penetrate our understandings. Most of us believe that we'll live a long life. Now if that's the case great, we have lots of time to make amends and correct the things we've done wrong throughout our lives. But should we die in a car accident, heart attack, or the hundred other things that can end our lives here on Earth in an instant, we'd better be certain that our souls are in conformity with God and His decrees, or we'll find ourselves in damnation for all eternity. This is a real possibility! Too many people are walking around these days thinking that because they live a fairly moral life here on Earth, that their soul is protected. But God's ways are not our ways. These are things that have been taught for millenniums, it's only in recent decades that these teachings have fallen to the wayside.

"Out of sight, out of mind." We've all heard that saying before. Since Big Brother has stepped in and allowed the removal of God from our everyday lives, we think less and less about Him and His requirements. Don't allow society to manipulate you into believing that living your life however you want is your right. It'd be nice, but living the way God has decreed is what's going to get you to Heaven. There are countless "preachers and teachers" out there who have twisted the guidelines of God's distinct rules for salvation. It seems that they've, unknowingly, allowed the Prince of this world Satan, to confuse their understandings. This is the devil's specialty, to throw chaos and confusion into things. You are gambling with the eternal destiny of your soul. Be careful not to let the world's influences effect the path your soul needs to be on.

Peace, good and blessings.

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