It's Bigger Than Us.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I had a conversation with a friend recently who expressed they're uncertainty of being saved, mostly due to their past sins. Now this person, like many of us, was no saint in their younger years. They did however respond to the graces of God and turn their life around for the better. For many years now, they've tried to live by the rules of the church and the teachings of Christ, yet feelings of despair keep arising.

What I've discovered is that, there are many people who believe their offenses towards God throughout their lives, is going to prevent them from finding themselves in the glory of Heaven. There's a few things wrong here and it's seems that quite a few people struggle with this thinking.

First of all, and the most serious of the problem is, that thinking this way is considered a sin against The Holy Ghost. After talking with various people I've discovered that many people aren't familiar with the sins against the Holy Ghost. I won't get into all of them in this post but I will address the one that's relevant to this issue.

Jesus took it upon Himself to sacrifice His life for us. God decided there had to be a way to open the gates of Heaven to us and afford us the opportunity of getting there. The price was savage and brutal that needed to be paid for this privilege, yet Jesus paid it willingly. Now, because of the severity of what He went through for us, our earthly lives are being held to a much higher standard. Consider it this way. Somebody goes above and beyond the call for you, and in return, you respond with a higher degree of thanks for that extraordinary act. Living our lives according to the laws God has provided us, The Ten Commandments and the countless teachings of Christ, is our thanks to Him for His selfless act of offering His life for us. And of course, His thanks in return for our offering is, eternal salvation.

To think that your sins are greater than what Jesus went through for us on the cross is a sin against the Holy Ghost. It's called the sin of despair, and sins against The Holy Ghost are not forgiven in this world or the next. It's like telling Jesus that His sacrifice on the cross was no big deal. Talk about an insult! You must understand that there is nothing more powerful than the love, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus, for those who are truly sorry of course. Don't think that Jesus would have submitted Himself to such immense sufferings, only to deny you the chance of experiencing His boundless love and mercy. He's always there waiting for you to come and shelter in it.

Examine your heart. Meditate on the passion of our Lord. Think about how it's our weaknesses that nailed Him to that cross. Think of how much love it must have taken for Jesus not to turn and run, like I would have, but consent to a brutal persecution and death. Try to put into perspective how we have truly broken the heart of someone who has nothing but love for us. Use that to try and find true contrition in your heart for your sins. And if you can find true contrition, you can be assured that our loving Lord will forgive you all of your sins. Then you can be confident that you'll be in Heaven with our Lord, where you'll know His love forever.

Peace, good and blessings.

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