Jesus' Way.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Does it seem like there's always that one person who wants to do things their own way? For some reason, they want everyone to think the way they think, to have the same opinion as they do and want the same things they want. They may even take it to the level of causing problems within your world and those around you. I guess they want to see their will done above everyone else's.

As we go through our day to day lives, we try to make efforts to adapt to various situations. We try not to create any waves and we're hoping things go relatively peaceful for everyone's sake. Nobody needs drama and problems. We all have enough on our plates to deal with, let alone taking on someone else's agenda. But what do we do when that someone just won't stop until they've rocked the boat as hard as they can? It's an uncomfortable situation for you and anyone else involved. It can consume your thoughts and ultimately lead you to actions that you may not benefit from.

You can begin to feel frustrated, angry, resentful, all of the things that are contrary to what we're trying so hard to achieve; getting closer to God. It's easy to start bad mouthing and ruining the reputation of that person. They may deserve it, but it contradicts the "Christian" way of life we're trying to achieve. When someone starts some kind of controversy, they're essentially causing scandal. Scandal is a very serious sin, not one that you would want looming over your head. Very often, it's a sense of pride that can lead one to take these actions. Envy is another culprit for this unrest. Other times it can simply be someone who just wants to see things in chaos. Regardless of the reason, that person has the power to create tremendous problems within that little community.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just crawl into their brain and correct their thinking? Well we can. We can do it through prayer. Now, for someone who's causing all sorts of problems, it can be difficult to sit down on their behalf and pray for them. But isn't that exactly what Jesus wants from us? If we don't take that charitable route, aren't we essentially like the one who's causing the problems?

We all know the teachings of humility that our Lord has displayed to us. If there was ever an act of humility, it would be our Lord, nailed to a cross and still praying for those who did it to Him. These are the challenges our Lord allows in our lives to see if we're making any kind of spiritual progress. We may prefer to intentionally smash or pinky toe with a hammer than pray for this one that we have such harsh feelings for, but we certainly can't expect to go before Jesus in judgement, having refused to do what He Himself did, and expect to hear those beautiful words of forgiveness and salvation for our souls.

Let's try to practice what we preach. It won't be easy at times, but the reward we're promised for doing it, will be well worth the sacrifice we're making to prove our love to Jesus.

Peace, good and blessings.

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