It's a roller coaster ride.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like you're on top of the world? Nothing extraordinary happened to you the day before, everything seems pretty normal, yet you feel like you can fly. There's also those days that you feel like you're ready to just give up. Again, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, you're just feeling as down as you can be. Up and down we go like a roller coaster.

There's a reason for all of that, and the reason is grace. While our Lord is always with us, He may choose to withdraw His graces from you for awhile. Of course, as with everything God does, it's for our own good. When God chooses to shower you with graces and envelop you with His love, everything seems so easy. Every little aspect of your day is going perfectly. You couldn't arrange things better if you tried. You're riding high and nothing could bring you down. All you can do is turn to God in prayer and give a heart felt "thank you for being with me today."

However, when He chooses to distance Himself from you for a while and leave you on your own, things can go bad quickly. Our Lord wants to see how you'll do without Him paving the way for you. He's looking for you to put into practice all the things He's been teaching you all these years. All the scripture readings, gospels and sermons that we've been listening to forever, all have teachings within them. Are we putting all of those things that we've learned to use, or has all that time in church been in vain? A good way to know is to see how we handle our problems. If we fall into complaint and dejection when things aren't going well, then we may not be absorbing all the wisdom that God has given us. Perhaps we need to pay a little more attention to the teachings of our faith.

Try to consider it like this, God loves you so much that He took the time to think specifically about you. Of the 7.5 billion people in the world, He took the time to think of you. That's pretty amazing! So whether He chooses to draw close to you or distance Himself from you, we owe Him a big thanks because He never forgets about us.

If you endure those times when He chooses to withdraw for a while with patience and prayer, we will begin to bear that good fruit we so often hear about in scripture. That's what God is doing. He's pruning us into what He wants us to be. Even if He would never return with those good feelings we love so much, we should still praise and thank Him because we're suppose to love God for Himself, not for what He can do for us.

No matter what, He's always there with us. Just because you're not feeling those warm fuzzy feelings, doesn't mean He's abandoned you. If things aren't going well and you're feeling completely overwhelmed, turn to our Lord in prayer. And I don't mean one Our Father or a Hail Mary. Talk to our Lord, He's listening to you. If you're patient, don't get discouraged and persevere in prayer, I'm betting our Lord returns to you with His consultation.

I know that things can go bad very quickly and sometimes it seems like it can last forever. But then in an instant, when you least expect it, God can restore everything to perfection. That's usually the reward for patience, faith and persevering prayer. Don't ever feel sad and abandoned, God will never abandon you. Prove your love to Him by never giving up, and your reward will be greater than your heart can imagine.

Peace, good and blessings.

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