Listen to Me!!!

Have you ever read through the bible and taken the time to relate the words Jesus has said to your life? I try to make it a habit of doing this. I read through the gospels and take direct quotes from Jesus and compare them to how I'm living my life. I've been doing this for some time now and I can tell you with certainty, that if living your life in accordance with the things Jesus said is necessary to be saved, I am definitely going to Hell. Now, I can't help but think that if Jesus took the time to say them, then they must be pretty relevant to our way of living.

There's so many things Jesus said that should strike fear into us, yet we don't seem to recognize any importance in them at all. I've said this before, God doesn't say things just to hear Himself talk. If He said them, He meant them, and they then become necessary to our salvation. Jesus repeatedly spoke of suffering. His life was a series of suffering throughout His entire life. He said how we are to endure sufferings and trials , which are necessary to redeem our souls. He spoke of this life as being temporary, and that the sufferings of this life could not be compared to the glory of Heaven.

'Woe unto you who think of nothing but rejoicing, for your joys shall bring forth eternal sufferings in the abode of my justice." Wow!! He's not talking about doing bad things here. He's not talking about going out and committing crimes. He's talking about living every day of our lives for the pleasures of the world. I don't know about you, but this makes perfect sense to me. How do we seek ease and pleasure every moment of our lives, knowing that it can send our souls to Hell?! How exactly have the words of our Lord been so twisted and removed from our understandings that we continue to seek enjoyment constantly? Perhaps we just don't believe it. We have a tendency to think that they're harmless pleasures, so why would Jesus deny us that? After all, He wants us to be happy. He does, just not with the world.

People often say to me, that's just your opinion. Can you honestly read that quote from Jesus and tell me He isn't referring to living your life for the world and the enjoyments it offers? You don't need to be a scholar to understand this quote from Jesus. This one accompanies the first one. "Blessed are ye who pass your days in tears, for the day will come when I myself will be your consolation." There's no shortage of quotes like this from Jesus, all saying the same thing. Deny yourself!!

We've all heard that Jesus died for our sins. If He died for our sins, that must mean we sin. This has become our biggest problem. Very few people actually think they sin. Many refuse to believe that their offenses towards God is what crucified our Lord. There isn't one person on this Earth that has ever lived, who isn't personally responsible for the death of Jesus. Just because we weren't there, doesn't mean we weren't participants. The sins we've committed throughout our lives and the ones we continue to commit, are the nails which secured Jesus to His cross. We are responsible. The tears which Jesus says we should pass our days in, are the tears of repentance for our sins. How can we meditate on our sins, their offenses toward God and how they put Jesus to a cruel death, if we're out seeking pleasure all the time.

The time for rejoicing will be when we're in Heaven. The time to have no cares and enjoy yourself will be when we've passed through the glorious gates of Heaven. Until then, according to Jesus Himself, this is a time of trial and tribulation. A time of suffering and mourning. The time to do everything in our power to make amends for our sins and offenses towards God. Jesus has told us very plainly. Just read what He has said, it's all there in the Bible just waiting for you to take it in. Pleading ignorance at your judgement will not be an acceptable excuse. Remember, He will accept neither bribes nor excuses at your judgement. Don't let the passing pleasures of this world detour you from the only thorny road, that will lead you to Heaven.

Peace, good and blessings.

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