The Unsung Heroes.

A very dear friend of mine was asking about the thing that's closest to us in our lives. Despite this closeness, it's very common for us to completely ignore them and go through most, if not all, of our lives, barely acknowledging them. They're there for us twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year. They love us more than our parents, children, friends and spouses. They step up to the plate and fight our battles, protect us from harm and do everything to inspire good thoughts within us and help us to make the right decisions. They are, our Guardian Angels.

These perfect models of heavenly goodness have been right at our sides from our conception. God assigns a Guardian Angel to everyone at that first moment. From then on, they never leave our sides. Have you ever been in a bad accident or something of that nature and you somehow came out of it fairly unscathed? Looking back, you can't quite figure out how you were able to escape relatively unharmed. Or perhaps you found yourself in a situation with an unfavorable person and it's about to take an ugly turn, then somehow, it defuses itself. There's quite a few scenarios we can come up with that have an ending we just can't understand.

The job of our Guardian Angel is to protect and guide us. Now, you might say that people are hurt and die in accidents everyday, so where were their Guardian Angels at that time? We need to understand that God's will supersedes everything. Since we don't know God's will, we have to accept that everything that happens, is God's will. That may not make a lot of sense to us now, especially when we see horrible things happen to innocent people, but it will make sense one day, I promise.

So, how should we interact with our Guardian Angels? We should begin every morning by saying seven Glory Be's to our Guardian Angel, (it's also a good idea to begin your day with seven Glory Be's to The Holy Ghost.) From then on, simply be aware that they're with you all the time. Hopefully they're waiting outside of the bathroom door, but they're within an earshot. Padre Pio was known to say that he turned to his Guardian Angel numerous times throughout his day. He always encouraged people to pray to their Guardian Angel.

There are angels all over the place. We can't see them but I assure you they're there. Just as there are numerous demons we can't see, there are just as many angels, if not more. When we pray, angels take these prayers and bring them before the throne of God. The just, those who are in a state of grace, have their prayers heard with precise consideration. Your Guardian Angel communicates with other angels that are performing God's services down here. So when you pray, your Guardian Angel will get one of his buddies to take those prayers and make sure that God Himself is hearing them.

As long as you remain faithful in your service to God, your Guardian Angel is going to be there to help you every step of the way. We should turn to our Guardian Angels for everything in our lives. There isn't anything that we shouldn't involve our Guardian Angels in. Every decision, every fear, every hope, any little thing that's going on in our lives, our Guardian Angels are witness too. We might as well talk to them about these things. They're your friend that's there to listen to your every word. So, talk to them like you would a friend. Don't worry about looking like a nut talking to an empty car seat while your driving, people will think it's Bluetooth.

We should pray to them about everything. If we pray to our Guardian Angels, they're going to go to God directly to get the answer for that prayer. There's no way an angel is going to go before the throne of God with a prayer intention and not get an answer. It may not be the answer you want, but you can be assured that your prayer will receive an answer. They are so important in our lives. Your Guardian Angel has saved you more times than you can imagine. Don't wait until you die to acknowledge this awesome being. How much would you help someone who completely ignores you every single day, like you simply don't exist? While your Guardian Angel will never abandon you, if you ignore them, they may ignore you too.

One more thing; Your Guardian Angel is going to be the one at your judgement who'll be speaking on your behalf. It may be wise to develop a personal relationship with them now. Your Guardian Angel loves you so much. You are their entire purpose of being here. They've watched you grow from a baby, been there through every up and down with you. When you hurt, they hurt. When you're happy, they're happy. They are literally the best friend you'll ever have. Turn to your Guardian Angel for everything! Know that while you sleep, they're there watching over you. Invoke them, and they'll be your personal liaison with God Himself. Who better to go before God with your needs, you or your Guardian Angel?

Don't let another day pass without saying thank you for all they've done for you throughout your entire life. Tell them how sorry you are that you can let a whole day go by without even acknowledging them. Build a personal relationship with them. In a world where we get let down by people all the time, you can rest assured, knowing that your new best friend, will never let you down.

Peace, good and blessings.

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