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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I watched the new movie "Fatima" last night. Amazon whacks you $20 to rent it, but I really wanted to see it. Sunday night in our house is family movie night. So every Sunday my wife and I coax our twelve year old daughter out of her room and away from her phone with the promise of snacks and a good movie. Something any parent can tell you is becoming more and more difficult these days. Nevertheless, I was really excited that this weeks movie was Fatima.

It was pretty good, a little slow at times but over all a good movie. I've read Sister Lucia's memoirs and her account of the events at Fatima, which the movie followed the basics of. I guess they always have to alter things a bit when you're trying to condense a long event into a two hour movie. The vision of Hell scene was pretty good, so was the miracle of the sun.

I was pleased that they really pushed the message that our Blessed Mother originally gave when this actually happened. Pray and do penance. Now let's be honest, penance has become a thing of the past. There are very few people these days who do any penances at all. For some reason the church has just stopped teaching the importance of doing penance and making atonement for our sins. Penance has been an intricate part of the Catholic faith from the beginning of the church two thousand years ago, yet today it's barely acknowledged anymore. Something has gone terribly wrong.

When the Blessed Mother Herself comes down from Heaven to give us instructions on what is necessary to save our souls, we should probably listen and make every effort to fulfill those instructions. Unfortunately, we live our lives today like events such as Fatima never happened. Are we crazy? What has happened that we just ignore the guidance given to us by the Mother of God! Was God bored and had nothing else to do but send His mother down here for no good reason? He sent her here because He sees that we're living our lives in contradiction to His teachings and that way of life can lead to eternal damnation.

If we are concerned at all for the welfare of our eternal souls, we should heed the advice of our Blessed Mother. Pray the rosary. Do penance for sinners. Make atonement for our offenses to God. Just because these things aren't encouraged and presented as essential in our lives anymore, doesn't mean that we shouldn't practice them regularly. Remember the words of our Lord Himself, "Pray unceasingly." God doesn't say things just to hear Himself talk. If He said it, He meant it, and it then becomes one of the requirements of saving our souls.

Peace, good and blessings.

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