Suffering in Heaven?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

When we think about Heaven we usually think about complete peace and happiness. A never ending life full of every joy the heart could desire. Pure love, infinite goodness, total relief from bodily pains and continual bliss of the mind. That's exactly what God has prepared for those who love Him and are faithful to the end. For the elect that have earned Heaven, there will never be an unhappy thought, a moment of distress, a mere flickering of depression or sadness. Those things simply aren't permitted in Heaven, unless you're Jesus.

Jesus suffers tremendously in Heaven. And I hate to point out the truth, but we're to blame. Yes each and every one of us is the reason why Jesus sheds tears in Heaven. It's our sins that hurt Him. It's our love of the world and the negligence towards all things holy that pierce His heart day after day, year after year. Our Blessed Mother has come to reveal herself on numerous occasions, and always talks about the tremendous suffering that occurs within the heart of Jesus. Our Lord Himself has appeared to an elect few and has related how His infinite love and the pleadings of His Beloved Mother, are the only things which restrains His hand of justice.

Whether you're a non-believer who lives their life without any thought of God, or a believer who follows the basic rules of the faith but puts most of their efforts towards living the best worldly life possible, our sins offend and crush the heart of our Lord Jesus every day.

While the Heavenly elect are busy praising and worshiping the glory of God in Heaven, He is suffering torments of the heart due to the negligence, greed, pride and anger of the very people He so generously gave His life for. And this is how we show our gratitude, by living for the world? By giving into all of our vices? With no thought of how we should be offering penances and sacrifices to make up for our countless offenses to our savior and redeemer!

We should be ashamed of ourselves for being so narcissistic and living our lives to please ourselves instead of the one who offered His life willingly for our sake. We should take the time to learn how people lived for loving and serving God long ago. Over the past two thousand years, generations of people gave very little of their lives to the on-goings of the world and devoted their time here on Earth to doing everything possible to serve God. They had families and jobs just like us, but they simply lived differently. Their time at work was offered to God. Their mind was always occupied with mental prayer. By day they labored and by night they spent themselves in long prayer. How often do we spend an entire evening in prayer? We'll sit and watch TV all night, but to spend that time in prayer these days is practically unheard of.

Why did people of yesteryear's believe that it was necessary to live that way in order to be saved but today we don't think all of that is necessary? It seems to me that some liberal beliefs of the world and the teachings of making this life the happiest and most comfortable possible, have distorted our understandings of what is actually necessary to attain salvation.

Remember, we get one chance to earn our salvation. Considering we don't know when we'll be called before the judgement seat of God, we need to make every effort now to sacrifice our creature comforts and offer some deeds to God. If Jesus didn't live His earthly life in luxury and privilege, how can we justify living that way and expect to become a saint?

Peace, good and blessings.

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