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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

I receive emails frequently from people. Some are looking for advice, others just want to say hi, some want to say thanks for some part of this blog that's helped them with their life and some just want to tell me how much I suck. That is a direct quote from someone in an email and it happens regularly. Nevertheless, I appreciate all the emails and I always respond to them. I like when people email because sometimes they may have a misunderstanding of something and it gives me the opportunity to possibly help them. I recently received an email that had a huge misunderstanding behind it. In addition, it was of a very delicate nature.

A woman contacted me who lost her three year old son to an illness. She wasn't specific about the illness and I didn't want to pry too much. As a parent, nothing can send fear through you as hearing about the death of a child and of course you're immediately sympathetic to whatever they need. Her email thanked me for helping her know in her heart, that her son was truly in Heaven. It was a very nice and complementary email and I appreciated it very much. She did say one thing that wasn't correct and even though she was going through an extremely difficult time, I felt I needed to clarify it. She said, "I know my son is an angel in Heaven now."

She told me how she has been in the Catholic faith her whole life and was raising her family according to the faith. I knew from this that the child was obviously baptized, so no concern there. Baptism is a requirement of salvation. Since the child was only three, he was not responsible for any of his actions that may have been considered sinful. The church teaches that the age of reason is about seven. After that we begin to become responsible for our actions. So when this innocent child died, he was taken immediately to Heaven. That's a pretty impressive thought. However, if you're so fortunate as to be saved, when you finally get to Heaven, you are not an angel, you are a Saint.

After talking with people about this I found out, to my surprise, there's many people who believe that when you get to Heaven you become an angel. In the Catholic faith we have Saints. We pray to them, we ask them intercede on our behalf before the throne of God. We develop relationships with them. Saints are one of the most important aspects of the Catholic faith. I'll throw a couple of names out there; St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Therese (the little flower,) St. Francis of Assisi. I could go on for the rest of the day listing Saints but you get the idea. Notice they're called St. Peter not Angel Peter, St. Paul not Angel Paul etc. Angels are pure spirit created by God. There are billions of them in Heaven and seeing them must be a pretty spectacular sight.

The other wonderful thing about this situation is, and I told her this, is that she now has her very own Saint in Heaven. The church teaches that a Saint in Heaven has the age of around twenty one. So this child that died at the age of three, is now about a twenty one year old. This woman now has her son as a Saint in Heaven who can pray directly to God on her behalf. Talk about amazing!! It may not be much of a consolation to a grieving parent now, but soon she'll understand the great gift of having her child with God. A child that is no longer susceptible to corruption, sickness, heart break, illness or any of the other things we deal with in this sometimes wretched world. Her son will never know anything except pure love and joy.

"He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me." Matthew 10:37. It's hard for a parent to wrap their head around loving someone more than their child, but when that someone is God, you're simply serving God the way you're supposed too. As hard as this thought may be, truly loving God means accepting and thanking Him for whatever He sees fit for you. God chose this child for a reason. Maybe He saw that his life would turn bad and his soul could have ended up in Hell. No one knows the reason for these things except God. It's not our job to question it, it's our job to accept it.

For anyone who's lost a loved one and you believe they lived a life serving God and that His mercy saved their soul, congratulations! You too, have your very own Saint in Heaven.

Peace, good and blessings.

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