Don't Turn Away.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Does this statue bother you? This is a statue in our church and I think it's one of the most amazing statues that I've ever seen. Our priest has been criticized for displaying it and I give him a lot of credit for not listening to people and continuing to display it.

It seems that woman have the biggest problem with it, although there have been a few men who've expressed their dislike for it. I guess I understand, it is a pretty graphic statue. You can get the same kind of reaction when you talk about the movie "The Passion of the Christ." So many people have said how they hid their faces during much of that movie, especially the scourging scene.

While Jesus was here on Earth, He blessed us with His teachings, miracles and understandings. Those things are great and we've been using those things for two thousand years to help us live better and serve God. But you should consider those things as bonuses. They're not the reason Jesus came down to Earth for, His passion and death are!

I wonder how many people actually think about what Jesus endured for us. We've all seen Jesus hanging on a cross, bruised and bloody. But have you ever taken to heart all of those vicious wounds? Think about how we complain over a simple scratch or paper cut. Jesus literally had his flesh severed from His body by weapons of torture. The hair on His head and face were almost completely ripped off. His face so bruised from being punched repeatedly and during the scourging, in case you were unaware, a soldier hit Him repeatedly on the face with a rod. His flesh was so torn from His body that you could practically see bone. Jesus endured this unthinkable torture for you and your sins.

So when we see these very graphic statues, or movies like "The Passion of the Christ," which are extremely striking, we need to acknowledge that Jesus actually lived it. That He tolerated this abuse so we can be saved. We can't turn a blind eye and say how terrible it is to look at something like that. Without it, we would never have the opportunity to get to Heaven. It seems like God might consider it highly offensive to have gone through such excessive torture, only for it to be unacknowledged by the very people He did it for.

I know it can be difficult to look at and accept, but Jesus gave His life for us in the most evil, harsh, brutal and cold-blooded way. Not to acknowledge and contemplate this experience would be a direct insult to God Himself. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go before God in judgement having that offense on their soul.

Peace, good and blessings.

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