Religious Counseling

The Value of Spiritual Guidance

Way back when, God inspired Peter and Paul to write missives that are still relevant today. They've become some of the most intricate parts of our faith. With the abundance of information on the internet about Christ and His teachings, Christian blogs have become a source of counseling and spiritual guidance.

I receive emails from people frequently who are searching for some thought and direction. Mind you that I have no formal training and the Lord has not chosen to appear to me and enlighten me with first hand knowledge of heavenly wisdom. What He has done is put very knowledgeable and faithful people in my life and He's inspired me to read, research, pray and write. I in turn, take what I've learned and attempt to pass it along to you. I do take what I write very seriously and you'll never see me spewing my own opinions.


If there's anything that you would like to discuss or make the topic of a conversation, please email me and let me know. The more topics we can address here, the more enlightened we all become.


I certainly don't consider myself a spiritual advisor or counselor, I simply try to pass along what I'm learning. If I don't have the answer, rest assured my spiritual advisor does. I've had people tell me that they consider this site part of their religious counseling. If there's anything on this site that helps you in that way, I'm thrilled. I thank you for the wonderful compliment and I hope you'll continue to return regularly.