November 2020

  St. Gertrude the Great



St. Gertrude the Great is considered to be one of the most revered Saints of the church. Historically, the title, "The Great," was only given to men, but she surpassed all others within her sex and was given the title, St. Gertrude the Great. She had a particular devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus. With her love of The Sacred Heart and her numerous writings, St. Gertrude has drawn countless people to the love of The Sacred heart of Jesus. On many occasions, Jesus disclosed His Divine Heart and the love it contains to her. A privilege given to a select few. Jesus was so pleased with her purity of intention and the integrity of her will, that He revealed to numerous people how there was no other, at that time, that so pleased Him, that through the ties of His mercy, she became one with Him.

She was granted very special graces from her Divine Spouse. One particular grace was when Jesus impressed His Sacred Wounds upon her heart. She achieved this honor through an ardent desire and constant prayer. There were many other graces awarded Gertrude throughout her life. On one occasion, Jesus appeared to her with a golden arrow in His hand. He pierced her heart thus wounding her soul in three ways. First: She was able to find no pleasure in any worldly activities. Second: It excited an ardent desire in her soul to be united to God, so much that she felt she could not live or breath without Him. Third: It transfixed her soul so deeply that it almost separated it from her body, overwhelming her with the torrent of Divine delights.


Gertrude had a special love for the Crucifix. At night she slept with one and it never left her hands. She also consecrated the whole of every Friday to meditation on the Passion. Jesus once spoke to her and said, "It is very agreeable to Me to see thee thus honoring the Crucifix." 


On another occasion, while Gertrude held and kissed her crucifix, Our Lord said to her, "Every time one kisses the Crucifix, or looks at it with devotion, the eye of God's mercy is fixed upon his soul. He should then listen within himself to these words of tenderness from Me: Behold how I, for love of thee, hang on the Cross-naked, despised, My whole body wounded, all My limbs distended. And still My Heart is enkindled with such glowing love for thee that if it were beneficial for thy salvation and thou couldst not be saved in any other way, I would for thee alone endure all that I suffered for the whole world."


Jesus related to her how He regards those who sympathize with His sufferings. He said to her, "Meditation on My Passion possesses a value in My eyes infinitely surpassing any other. Even a short meditation upon My Passion is of more value than long and multiplied acts of piety which have no direct reference to My sufferings and death."


St. Gertrude suffered terrible pains during the greater part of her life. However, Our Lord never left her without consolation. Once when she was confined to bed by an illness, a consoling revelation was conveyed to her, Bodily and spiritual affliction are the surest sign of Divine predilection, yea, even a mark of the espousal of the soul with God. Gratitude for suffering is a precious jewel for our heavenly crown. 


There is no shortage of revelations and insights that were given to St. Gertrude. Her intimate relationship with Jesus, The Blessed Virgin and the entire Heavenly court, serves as a reminder of what can be accomplished in us if we were to devote all of our efforts to the love and service of God. Her writings have become roadmaps to intimacy with Jesus. The lessons in her writings and her devotion to Our Lord have been put into practice by countless people since her death. 


November 16th is the feast day of St. Gertrude the Great. It's a wonderful opportunity to begin a devotion to this most revered Saint. Read "The Life And Revelations Of St. Gertrude The Great," to learn more about this Saint who loved Jesus the most. Many miracles have been attributed to her intercession throughout the years, and she continues to remain one of the greatest Saints in the church today.           



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