Spitual Advisor Online 

Somebody once said to me, "you know how they have psychics online? Well you can be a spiritual advisor online." It was said in a joking manner and it was funny, but as this blog continues, I find more and more people are reaching out for advise. Not that it makes me a spiritual advisor, but it does allow me to pass along very important information.


I'm asked spiritual question all the time. Some question I have the answer too and some I simply don't know. Now, I would never answer a question with uncertainty. I'm very fortunate to have my own spiritual advisor and also a small network of spiritual experts at my disposal. So if you ask me a question and I'm not sure of the answer, you can be certain that I will seek out the information from a reliable source that is much more learned than I am.

My point in telling you this is, that any information I give, doesn't come from my own thoughts and opinions, they come from the teachings of the church. So if you want to consider this blog a spiritual advisor online, great! As long as we continue to grow in faith, knowledge, and the service of God.