mother mary

The Sorrowful Mother

The life of The Blessed Mother was not an easy one. From the time she gave herself as a willing participant to God's plan at The Annunciation, to the time of her assumption into Heaven, she was assailed by many pains and sorrows. This mother, who had to endure the sight of her beloved son, tortured and put to death before her very eyes, experienced sufferings that we cannot begin to comprehend. Remember, she not only had to experience the death of her son, but the death of her God. 

From the infancy of Jesus, at just eight days old,  this beloved mother began to suffer. Beginning with the prophecy of Simeon, she began to ache with sorrow and distress. This would be a constant cross she would had to endure until her earthly life came to an end. These sufferings never left our mother and it is only right that we should acknowledge, honor and reflect on the tremendous sufferings of This Sorrowful Mother.

To help us better understand, the church has given us seven of her sorrows that we can meditate and pray on. The seven sorrows are:

1- The prophesy of Simeon.

2- The flight into Egypt.

3- The loss of the child Jesus in the temple.

4- Mary meeting Jesus on His way to Calvary.

5- Jesus dying on the cross.

6- Mary receiving the dead body of Jesus in her arms.

7- Jesus being placed in the tomb.


These seven sorrows were some of the most heartbreaking and trying times in our Blessed Mother's life. Many devotions have come from these sorrows and it is very meritorious to our souls to reflect on them. 

There are quite a few books out there which are dedicated to the sorrows of The Blessed Mother. There are also many favors and graces promised by The Blessed Mother and Jesus Himself, to those who meditate, pray and honor these sorrows. 

One of the surest ways to the forgiveness of our sins and being assured of eternal salvation, is to be devoted to and encourage others to honor these sorrows. If you devote yourself to the sorrows of The Blessed Mother, she will be there for you at every circumstance of your life,but more importantly, at your death.