Justice and Mercy



As you may have noticed, I devote a lot of time to writing about the Justice of God. I often get emails from people who ask why I write about it so much. I do have a purpose. For whatever the reason, and I don't know what it is, most teachings today seem to only talk about the love and mercy of God, never His Justice. Now, the love and mercy of God are two of the most powerful things in the universe. They can save your soul from damnation when you're already half way to Hell. Personally, I know that I'm completely incapable of saving my own soul. I simply don't have what it takes. I will be completely reliant on God's Mercy at my judgement. Left to myself, I will absolutely, without a doubt, end up in Hell. The reason, God's Justice. And that's what many people fail to understand.


While God's mercy can save anyone, and it has saved countless souls, there's God's Justice that demands satisfaction for the sins we all commit. Today, there are multitudes of people who believe that God's mercy supersedes everything. They fail to take into account His Justice. Since nobody seems to acknowledge this justice, most people go before God at their judgement, having no contrition for the offenses they've committed throughout their lives. Many people don't have a proper understanding of sin and how often we commit them. They're convinced that God will simply forgive their sins because they don't consider their offenses to be so bad. The average person believes they're going to stroll their way right into Heaven. But that's not accurate. Jesus has taught us from the beginning that God demands Justice for every infraction of our lives. However, Jesus is so merciful, that He gives us the opportunity to expiate our offenses, here and now.


We can repent, do penance and pray. God's Justice can be satisfied here on Earth. Be honest though, when was the last time you did any voluntary penance for your sins?  When you go before God in judgement, and have no remorse for your sins, it's not His Mercy you're going to experience, it's His Justice you're going to face. The dismissal of God's Justice in our understandings will damn many souls. Do your soul a favor and learn about the all powerful Justice of God. I promise, you'll be happy you did.           


I enjoy journeying back in time to read the guidance and wisdom of the Saints and various doctors of the church. While much of it consists of God's abundant love and mercy, there's plenty that deals with God's Justice. As we've already talked about, God's Justice simply isn't taught anymore. When was the last time you went to church and the priest gave a sermon on the Justice of God? Have you ever heard a sermon on  the Justice of God? If you say no, I'm certainly not surprised. Is it because that particular subject strikes fear in us? Perhaps a person, who isn't feeling so joyous after such a sermon, when the collection basket comes around, may not be as generous as he would after a sermon on God's love alone. Again, I don't know the reason why. But I do know one thing, God's Justice is real and there isn't one person who can escape it. 


You know I like quoting the Saints. There's a whole page devoted to them under Divine Inspirations. Right now, I'd like to list various quotes from some of the most prominent, well known and respected Saints and doctors of the Church. You should be familiar with most of them, if not all of them. There may be some that you even pray to. Remember, these Saints had very intimate understandings of salvation due to special graces from God that you and I haven't been granted the gift of. But don't take my word for it, listen to them. And after reading them, if you don't think Hell is a real possibility for everyone, you may very well never understand the Justice of God, until you're face to face with it. 

St. Benedict  Joseph Labre: 

"Meditate on the horrors of Hell which will last for eternity because of one easily - committed mortal sin. Try hard to be among the few that are chosen. Think of the eternal flames of Hell, and how few there are that are saved."

St. Teresa of Avila:

"Bad confessions damn the majority of Christians."

St. Peter:

"If the just man shall scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly sinner appear?"

St. Regimus of Rheims:

"With the exception of those who die in childhood, most men will be damned."

Anna Maria Taigi:

"The greater number of Christians today are damned. The destiny of those dying on one day is that very few - not as many as ten - went straight to heaven; many remained in Purgatory; and those cast into Hell were as numerous as snowflakes in mid - winter."

Padre Pio:

"Those who pray have hope. Those who pray little are in great danger. Those who do not pray are lost."

St. Philip Neri:

"So vast a number of miserable souls perish, and so comparatively few are saved."

St. Justin Martyr:

"The majority of men shall not see God, excepting those who live justly, purified by righteousness and by every other virtue."

St. Veronica Giuliani:

"The number of the damned is incalculable."

St. John Neumann:

"Not withstanding assurances that God did not create any man for Hell, and that He wishes all men to be saved, it remains equally true that only few will be saved; and the greater part of mankind will be lost forever."

St. Louis Marie de Montfort:

"The number of the elect is so small - so small - that, were we to know how small it is, we would faint away with grief: one here and there, scattered up and down the world." 

St. Augustine:

"It is certain that few are saved."

St. John Climacus:

"Live with the few if you want to reign with the few."

Mary of Agreda:

"The majority of souls appear before the Judgement empty - handed. They did nothing good for eternity."

St. Vincent Ferrer:

"An archdeacon in Lyons gave up his charge and retreated into a desert place to do penance, and that he died the same day and hour as Saint Bernard. After his death, he appeared to his Bishop and said to him, "Know, Monsignor, that at the very hour I passed away, thirty three thousand people also died. Out of this number, Bernard and myself went up to Heaven without delay, three went to Purgatory, and all the others fell into Hell."

St. John Vianney:

"The number of the saved is as few as the number of grapes left after the vine - pickers have passed."

St. Thomas Aquinas:

"There are a select few who are saved."

St. Vincent Ferrer:

"Many religious go straight to Hell because they do not keep their vows."

Our Lord:

"Lord, are there few that are saved?" But He said to them: "Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I say to you, shall seek to enter, and shall not be able."

St. Alphonsus Liguori:

"The saved are few, but we must live with the few if we would be saved with the few. O God, too few indeed they are: yet among those few I wish to be."

St. Anselm:

"If you would be quite sure of your salvation, strive to be among the fewest of the few. Do not follow the majority of mankind, but follow those who renounce the world and never relax their efforts day or night so that they may attain everlasting blessedness."


Pope St. Gregory the Great:

"There are many who arrive at the faith, but few that are led into the heavenly kingdom."


St. Isidore of Seville:

"The greater part of men will set no value on the blood of Christ, and will go on offending Him."


Bl. Jacinta of Fatima:

"So many people are going to die, and almost all of them are going to Hell! So many people falling into Hell!"

Lucy of Fatima:

"Taking into account the behavior of mankind, only a small part of the human race will be saved."

1 Corinthians 6:9-10:

"Know you now that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God." 


St. Vincent de Paul:

"Ah! A great many persons live constantly in the state of damnation." 

St. Jerome:

"So that you will better appreciate the meaning of our Lord's words, and perceive more clearly how few the Elect are, note that Christ did not say that those who walked in the path to Heaven are few in number, but that there are few who found that narrow way. It is as though the Saviour intended to say: The path leading to Heaven is so narrow and rough, so overgrown, so dark and difficult to discern, that there are many who never find it their whole life long. And those who do find it are constantly exposed to the danger of deviating from it, of mistaking their way, and unwittingly wander away from it, because it is so irregular and overgrown." 





Those are just a few examples of how some of the most enlightened people of the church understood the difficulty of being saved. I keep telling you, it's not my opinion! It's what our Lord has always taught. Believe me when I tell you that I could fill several pages with quotes from many Saints just like them. Our salvation is not so black and white. For many centuries, the church educated its people in these very teachings. Now, for some reason, these teachings are all but lost. Today, It's all about His loving mercy, never His fearful justice. Don't get me wrong, God's love and mercy are abundant and there waiting for you to take advantage of. But God's Love and Mercy, goes hand in hand with God's Justice. When someone is saved, it's usually due to God's mercy. Seldom is one saved on his own merits.


We do however bring God's Justice upon ourselves. Too many people are living in a way that God has told us is wrong. Sex would have to be the biggest culprit. There's far too many people having sex out of wedlock. There's even Catholics who think this rules don't apply to them because they go to church. You must be married properly in the church to justify sex. If you don't like it, take it up with God. These are His rules, not mine. Are you really willing to risk your soul being in Hell forever because you think it's okay? We make a grave mistake when we determine that our way of thinking, is Gods' way of thinking. You should've realized by now, God has a very different set of rules for us to live by, if we are to be saved. 

Go back and read those quotes again. Take a little time and research these Saints and how they lived. Learn how God came to them and showed them what we need to do to find ourselves in the glory of Heaven. God enlightened them so they could teach us what we must do. Rejecting the teachings of the Saints, is rejecting grace from God. There's no surer way to perdition, than to reject God's graces.